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Cupcakes In the News

11-01-2011Is there such thing as “too many cupcakes?” – Our Feeding Frenzy

11-01-2011Cute monster cupcakes and chocolate hazelnut crunch cupcakes – Cupcakes Take the Cake

10-31-2011Cupcake Love In – Peace, Love & Cupcakes – Love from the Oven

10-30-2011Cupcake Love-In 2011 Photo Gallery – Arizona Foothills Magazine

10-30-2011Cupcake Love-In 2011: We are Officially Cupcake’d Out – Phoenix New Times

10-30-2011Live from Scottsdale at Cupcake Love-In – Cupcakes Take the Cake

10-30-2011Big thanks to Kelly of Butter & Me for having me! – Cupcakes Take the Cake

10-30-2011Cupcake blog dedication: I ate a real grasshopper on a cupcake! – Cupcakes Take the Cake

10-26-2011 Cupcake Love-In to Benefit Homeless – My Fox Phoenix

10-26-2011 Cupcake Love-In Sunday in Scottsdale – East Valley Tribune

10-25-2011 Are you ready for some cupcakes? – Sonoran Living

10-25-2011 This Weekend: Cupcake Love-in – Arizona Foothills Magazine

10-21-2011 Cupcake Love-In returns to Scottsdale – AZ Central

10-11-2011 Let’s Get Baked! – EaterAZ

09-30-2011 Share-in the Love-in – Desert Living Today

09-15-2011 Cupcake Love-In on Yelp – Yelp

08-03-2011 Cupcake Love-In lineup announced – Cupcakes Take the Cake

08-03-2011 2011 Cupcake Love-In Baker Lineup Announced – Phoenix New Times

Cupcake Crawl

05-31-2011 June Cupcake Crawl Offers a Sweet Sneak Preview of the Cupcake Love-In – Phoenix New Times

Cupcakes & Cocktails Event

02-17-2011 Cupcakes & Cocktails –

02-17-2011 Cupcakes and Cocktails Benefiting Lost Our Home Pet Foundation –

02-16-2011 Cupcake Love-in Hosts Cupcakes & Cocktails Benefit – Phoenix Bites

02-16-2011 Cupcakes & Cocktails in Scottsdale Pre-party – Phoenix Examiner

02-14-2011 “Cupcakes & Cocktails” Feb 17th – Phoenix New Times

02-14-2011 Make Sweet Love on Thursday – EaterAZ

Cupcakes Lovein 2010

11-16-2010 Live from the Cupcake Love-in – Locals Only Phoenix

10-13-2010 The Cupcake Love-in Cupcake Eating Contest – Phoenix New Times

10-11-2010 Cupcake Love-in Judge: No Easy Job – Phoenix New Times

10-10-2010 Cupcake Love in at Hotel Valley Ho Photo Gallery – Phoenix New Times

10-08-2010 The Valley Celebrates Cupcakes with Cupcake Love In – ABC 15

10-08-2010 Cupcake Love In Sunday Oct 10 – Cupcakes Take the Cake

10-06-2010 Peace, Love and Cupcakes – Desert Living Today

10-05-2010 Get Ready for Cupcake Love-In Oct. 10 – Phoenix New Times, Chow Bella

10-05-2010 Festival is Heaven for Cupcake Lovers – East Valley Tribune

10-05-2010 Cupcake Love-In (PDF) – AZ Magazine

10-04-2010 Cupcake Love-In at Hotel Valley Ho –

10-03-2010 Cupcake Love-In: Peace, Love and Cupcakes in Scottsdale, AZ – Phoenix Examiner

10-03-2010 Food and Grooves – WHERE Magazine

09-26-2010 Cupcake Love-In Charity Event – Pen and Fork

09-19-2010 Cupcakes Event for Kids, Adults and Those That Just Love Them – Phoenix Examiner

09-12-2010 Peace, Love and Cupcakes – Runs with Cupcakes

09-07-2010 Event Brings Cupcake Lovers Together – Phoenix Bites

Aug 2010 Fall Food Festivals – AZ Foothills Magazine

08-26-2010 Chow Down: This Week in Food Blogs – Desert Living Today

08-25-2010 Gimme Some Love-In – EaterAZ

08-25-2010 Cupcake Love-In – Locals Only Phoenix

08-19-2010 Cupcake Love-In: Sweet Bites – Phoenix New Times

08-12-2010 Tracy Dempsey Plans Cupcake Celebration –

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Cupcakes Bring Love and Giving to Phoenix at Inaugural Event (PDF)