• How to Choose your Ideal Type of Blender

    Today, the market is full of a number of blender models that selecting one or going by anyone’s recommendation is just not enough. Since everyone has their needs, limitations and budget, you need to check the best one according to your preferences.

    For your information and to make your search easier, you should know that there are 4 types of blenders: Hand Blenders, Personal Bullet Blenders, and Traditional Countertop Blenders and most important High-Performance Blenders. Each blender fits different purposes and needs.

    So first you need to select which type of blender is perfect for you. Once you are done with this, it becomes easy to select which model will be the suitable one.

    Find your ideal type of blender

    Once you discover YOUR ideal type of blender, rest of the things automatically becomes easier. This is where most of the people get confused, no worries we have made it easy to select one.

    Each type of blender has some needs and limitations like less storage space, single servings or large servings etc. Before choosing the best blenders for smoothies for your kitchen ask yourself a few questions. What would you like to do with your blender?

    How much can you expect to pay? What you exactly want to make? Which model would fit your requirements and limitations?

    ideal type of blender

    Which type of blenders is good for smoothies?

    The best part is all type of blenders are able to make smoothies. But one thing you need to know is the difference between the types of blenders so that you choose one that would fit your needs.

    There are different types of blenders available that help you to decide which will work best for your lifestyle.

    Hand/Immersion Blenders

    This kind of hand blenders comes with a range of add-on. These blenders are really versatile and can be used to make soup and smoothies to marinades and mayonnaise. The biggest benefit of having a hand/immersion blender is its size. If you have a small kitchen, this is one kind of blender that won’t take up much space of your kitchen counter.

    Countertop Blenders

    As it is very much clear from its name, the blender is much more likely to sit on your kitchen counter. Countertop blenders are more powerful than a hand blender and powerful enough to handle a wide range of smoothie ingredients just like a personal bullet blender or high-performance blender.

    Countertop Blenders

    Personal Bullet Blenders

    Personal Bullet Blenders are great for making one or two servings of smoothies and shakes but that totally depends on the model you are using. Nutribullet is one the best examples of this blender. These blenders are usually small that the traditional ones and have a bullet-shaped blending cup so that you can easily take it out and about.

    High-Performance Blenders

    Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful blender amongst all other types and is a pro at handling even the most difficult smoothie ingredients like breeze. You know what is the best thing about using a high-performance blender? You’ll get a silky smooth texture of your smoothie. Two of the best-recommended blenders in this category are Vitamix and Blendtec.

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