• 7 Things to remember to make your baked items better

    It is no surprise that even the most seasoned bakers mess up sometimes when baking cookies, cakes, and so on. Baking is science and a slight miss could affect the texture and taste of your baked item if you aren’t careful. Want to bake better-baked goods?

    Then you must try these 8 tips and you will notice that your baked goods turn out better than before:

    1. Use ingredients at room temperature

    One of the most important tips to bake better is to ensure that you use ingredients at the temperature described in a recipe. If your recipe calls for room temperature ingredients, then make sure you do that.


    This helps in creating and mixing the ingredients together and makes your batter fluffy and smooth. Also, make sure that you mix same temperature ingredients together and not mix hot ingredients with cold ingredients as this can cause some ingredients to separate.

    2. Weigh the ingredients

    Make sure that you always weigh your ingredients properly before adding them to the mix. So get yourself a good digital scale to weigh all your ingredients and set the measurement to zero once you add the bowl on top of the scale.

    3. Invest in quality bakeware

    Another important tip for making better-baked goods is by making sure you use good quality bakeware. Always opt for metal and glass mixing bowls instead of plastic bowls as the coating can come off from the bowl after some time.

    Also, make sure you choose good quality equipment like stand mixers, baking sheets, pans, etc. so that the heat is properly conducted through the batter.

    4. Use fresh baking ingredients

    Never use an expired ingredient for your baked good as it can not only alter the taste of your baked good but will also make it turn out not so good.

    So use fresh and good quality ingredients every time you start baking. Fresh ingredients can lend a really great taste to your baked goods.

    5. Spend enough time on each step

    Don’t hurry through the recipe, take appropriate time for each step. Whip the eggs properly and don’t hurry the whole process because until each step is achieved properly, you won’t be able to bake a perfect cake or cookie. So take your time and follow the recipe steps properly.

    6. Don’t alter the cooking time and oven temperature

    One important thing to remember when baking is that never to tamper with the recipe‚Äôs mentioned oven temperature and cooking time. You might feel that a little adjustment won’t matter but a small adjustment goes a long way and is the difference between a perfectly baked item and a half-baked good.

    7. Rotate the pan halfway through baking

    A lot of ovens have hot spots and if not taken care then these hot spots can result in unevenly cooked dishes.

    Baking Pan Rotate

    So, if your recipe asks for the pan to be rotated halfway through the baking time, then don’t avoid it. This will ensure that your baked item gets adequate heat and isn’t unevenly cooked.


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