• We Got Cupcake Makers!

    In this vast valley of ours, we are lucky to have a wide variety of great eating establishments, bakeries, and farmer’s markets.  Most of the time cupcakes can be found at all of these great places.  For better (or as some may say, for worse), cupcakes are here to stay and everyone is doing their own spin on them!  From classic cupcakes to the unusual cupcakes to the savory cupcakes, you can find it all here in our fair city.

    Liberty Market, a Gilbert landmark, owned and operated by David & Kiersten Traina, is doing classic food with a twist.  It’s a great place to go anytime of the day and you can always get fresh baked bars, cookies, cakes, giant cinnamon rolls, and of course cupcakes.  They are best known for their Red Velvet Cake, which is baked fresh daily by resident Pastry chef Adrienne Rockhold.

    Slade Grove of Wicked Kitchen began baking many years ago out of a Chinese restaurant in North Phoenix and has since combined efforts with Tempe based Cookies from Home where he is the Executive Pastry Chef for both brands.  Slade is not afraid to step out of his baking comfort zone to whip up all kinds of goodies made with ingredients such as wasabi, bacon, or even BBQ sauce.  We are excited to see what kind of cupcakes he comes up with for Cupcakes & Cocktails!

    Pastry Chef Sally McCarty of Crybaby Ranch sells her delicious baked goods at farmers markets all across the valley.  She was praised at the Love-in for her delicious cupcakes and took the honors of Best Use of Secret Ingredient.  Her use of “not the usual ingredients” sets her apart.  Can’t wait to see and taste her whimsical cupcake creations!

    Please join us and these three amazing chefs this Thursday, Feb. 17th at Citizen Public House for Cupcakes & Cocktails.  We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Scottsdale’s Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.  It’s not too late to get your tickets here for what’s sure to be a fun night!

    Peace, Love and Cupcakes!

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